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This pattern is a little more modern than some of my others. love is written in the pattern and there is also love hearts. I always found it interesting that traditionally a huge amount of love and care go into fair isle patterns and different families some times had different patterns.

Mason Marks pattern is based around the traditional marks left on building bricks. Traditionally every brick layer had their own mark so you could tell who built the building it sometime also tells you how old the building is.

This is my TAG design. For this design I took insperation form the graffiti done by vikings on the walls of tombs in Orkney. Quite often they would write there names like a tags. The design says TAG in stylised viking runes






the flake fair isle was designed around the huge snow flake I watch as a young child coming down through the dark winter sky.

My Flower fair isle is the most traditional out of my patterns flowers have been in fair isles for hundreds of year and still prove popular.









The storm fairisle is based around a traditional fair isle the weather in orkkney has always influenced my design work this design is based around the stormy seas you see so often when living in the islands.

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