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About Annie Glue


So here is a little bit about me and Annie Gluewear.

I was lucky enough to grow up on the island of Orkney in a family of entrepreneurs as my mother is also a knitwear designer so my love of all things knitted started at a young age. After leaving school at 16 I went to Orkney college to study art and design and truly found my love for all things crafty especially knitwear. After 2 years I left for the big smoke of edinburgh and then Galashiels to finally finish with a degree specialising in knitting. Even though I had been knitting for many years for my mother and other small companies in 2013 I decided to finally set up on my own and have never looked back. The next big move came in 2015 when my self and partner Stuart headed back to Orkney for good. I love that there is inspiration everywhere on the islands from the colours of the ever changing sea to the amazing wildlife. Starting with a small studio in the dinning room and then the garden shed and after a move to our forever home in the centre of Kirkwall I now have a studio at the bottom of our garden. With the evolving of the studio and business so has the knitting machines when I started I used the traditional flat bed machine but took a huge jump in 2022 when I purchased a stoll knitting machine which had always been a dream. All the jumpers are knitted and hand finished in my small work shop by my self and my right hand women hannah and the aim is always to produce the best quality knitwear.

Thank you for reading

Annie x


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